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Examination Board:  OCR

Course Leaders: Mr D Ashworth

Entry Requirements:  Minimum 6 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 mainly at Grade 6 or above. Core and Additional Science at Grade 6 or above and Mathematics at Grade 5 or above.

Course Content:

The chemistry course aims to help students understand the nature of the materials around them
and the properties they possess.  Students will discover the underlying principles of key chemical
processes and industries and how chemists are trying to improve our future.  Students study the
key concepts of chemistry including aspects of physical, inorganic and organic chemistry, analysis
and characterisation of novel compounds.

The aim is for students to develop a conceptual and mathematical understanding of the
fundamental topics in chemistry. To understand the pathways involved in manufacturing synthetic
materials and to be a confident and competent practitioner.

Future Prospects: A-level Chemistry is an entry requirement for courses in Medicine, Dentistry,
Pharmacy, Veterinary and Forensic Science. Jobs where A level chemistry would be useful
include: Analytical chemist, Crime scene investigator, Pharmacologist, Research scientist
(physical sciences), Toxicologist, Environmental consultant, Higher education lecturer, Secondary
school teacher.

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