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Image by Arno Senoner

Examination Board:  OCR

Course Leaders: Mr M Greenland

Entry Requirements:  Minimum 6 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 mainly at Grade 6 or above. English Language at Grade 5 or above.

Course Content:

Classical Civilisation focuses on the civilisations of Greece and Rome, and is a wide-ranging subject involving the study of literature, visual sources, and ancient ideas. You will study epic poetry such as Homer’s Odyssey, and Virgil’s Aeneid. Furthermore, you will look at Greek attitudes towards other ethnicities and cultures, studying their views on the Persians and the Amazonians. Additionally, you will look at the development of democracy as a political concept in the Greek city states, and make comparisons to how ancient Greek politics compares to modern society.


You do not need to know any languages, all the texts are in translation, and it does not matter if you have not studied the Greeks and Romans since primary school; all you need is an interest in the ancient world and its culture.

Future Prospects:

This course develops skills which are valued in a wide range of degree courses and careers, such as analysis and explanation skills. It can lead to a number of higher education courses such as History, Politics, Law and English Literature.

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