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Image by Marga Santoso

Examination Board:  AQA

Course Leaders: Mr E Mitchell

Entry Requirements: Minimum 6 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 mainly at Grade 6 or above.  Mathematics at Grade 5 and English Language at Grade 5 or above.

Course Content:

You will gain an insight into how aspects of our daily life depend upon the economy we live in; decide whether you are a left-wing ‘government interventionist’ economist or a right-wing ‘freemarket’ economist by studying theories and practices; investigate the markets for smart-phones, music and clothes; evaluate the latest government policies for the NHS, education and benefit systems; and discover the inside story on trade wars, immigration and financial markets.

Lessons include group discussion and debates, news report analyses and independent study as well as enrichment opportunities. The terminal examinations are 20% mathematical skills and 80% multiple choice, data responses and essays based on knowledge, understanding and application.

Future Prospects: Look forward to a range of careers in marketing, international business, government, banking, finance, international affairs and non-government organisations.

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