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Syllabus: OCR

Course Leaders: Mr P Shears 

Entry Requirements: Minimum 6 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 mainly at Grade 6 or above. English Language and English Literature, both at Grade 6 or above.

Course Content:

Studying English Language and English Literature as a combined course at A-Level offers opportunities for you to engage creatively, critically and independently with a wide range of texts. Using literary and linguistic concepts and methods, you will analyse literary and non-literary texts from a range of modes and genres, in the process gaining insights into the nature of different discourses and exploring ideas about creativity.

You will read a wide range of works by poets, novelists and playwrights such as Seamus Heaney and Margaret Atwood.  You will explore the ways in which writers in a wide range of genres use language to entertain, persuade and inform.  You will explore the ways in which people, places and times are represented through language. The coursework element enables you to explore your own areas of special literary and linguistic interest in detail.


Future Prospects:
English Language and Literature develops skills which are valued by a wide range of professions such as Law, Journalism, Advertising and Teaching.

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