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Higher Prior Attaining Students

All Students targeted either A/A* or D/D* will be pushed to complete additional work beyond their curriculum in each of their subjects. They will also be invited to join our Aspire Academy. All students regardless of their predicted grades have the same opportunities to complete this additional work. 

How we support our students

At Newman, we aim to challenge ALL students. However we have three areas in particular where we expect our HPA students to be part of:

  • Challenge in the classroom

  • Challenge outside of the classroom

  • Leadership Opportunities 

NB-These are not exclusive to students with HPA data, but are open for all students

Aspire Academies

Our Aspire Academies will nurture your abilities by giving you challenges that you would not ordinarily face in your A-Level or BTEC curriculum. 


All subjects will focus on making sure your child achieves everything to their highest ability. However, each subject will have a different approach as to how they do this. 


We run a Careers Programme from Years 7-13 for our students, as part of our Business, Enterprise and Careers Hub.

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