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Image by Daniel Prado

Examination Board: EDEXCEL

Course Leader: Ms K Kelly

Entry Requirements: Minimum 6 GCSEs at Grade 9-4 mainly at Grade 6 or above.
Spanish at Grade 6.

Course Content:

The aim of the course is for you to independently and confidently communicate in Spanish using accurate, complex and varied language. You will also be encouraged to explore and understand the modern history, politics and cultural background (influence of music and various customs) and heritage of Spain and other countries and communities where Spanish is spoken.

You will study social issues (e.g. youth unemployment, immigration and impact of tourism) and other trends, films, art and literary works in Spanish speaking countries. This will be done through discussions, debates, oral and written presentations, listening and reading activities, independent research and analysis of authentic sources, including the internet.

Future Prospects: Future Prospects:

Speaking a second language will improve your employability in today’s multinational business world. A foreign language means global employment opportunities such as Teaching, Tourism, Marketing, Civil Service, International Development and Journalism.

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