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Some are inspiring, educational trips such as to the Houses of Parliament and theatre.
Others develop your personal confidence, qualities and skills such as the annual ski trip and the ‘extreme activities’ trip in the Alps.
There are also a number of departmental trips for you such as the Geography trip to Iceland and the History department’s trip to Germany.

You will receive information on all trip and event opportunities and the relevant costs as an email at the appropriate time.

Here is an idea of the types of trip and event opportunities that we have here at Cardinal Newman Catholic School throughout the year:

Brighton Open Air Theatre June Full day £5.70

Theatre trip to see ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night- Time’ (A Level Set Text) Full day £45.60

The Alps June Residential £710

Variety of places in East Sussex connected with placement ie Lagoon and TrekCo venues

All years two allocated days a week one set of two days for year 12 and another set of two days for year 13


Autumn and Summer Term London Galleries (various) £34.00

Yellow Wave – Beach Volleyball July £5.50

Year 13 Prom June £41.00

Houses of Parliament March £13.00

London March £20.00

Juniper Hall Dorking October £41.50

Pavilion Ice Rink December £6.00

Note: A trip has to be financially viable in order to take place – the school therefore reserves the right to cancel a trip in the event that it is not viable. Health & Safety/Safeguarding procedures are also considered for each trip – safety of students/staff being the paramount priority – the school reserves the right to cancel a trip in the event of circumstances outside of their control e.g. cancellation of travel due to weather disruption etc.

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