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Baasit Siddiqui visits Newman Students

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

During one of our Aspire sessions in March, we were lucky enough to have Baasit Siddiqui as our guest speaker at Newman College, to speak to our Aspire Students.

Bassit is well known for his role in Channel 4s ‘Gogglebox’ but on this occasion he was here to speak to our students about ‘Positive Empowerment’ and ‘Taking Control of Your Future’. The students who attended were year 12s who are part of our Aspire Academy but we also extended the invitation to our year 8s, year 10s and year 11s.

The students commented on how inspirational Bassit’s talk was and how it encouraged them to think carefully about moving their lives forwards positively.

Baasit spoke about his business and offered some advice to help them on their career journey, concluding on four main points for our students to take away:

- Make the most of every opportunity (good and bad) - Never be afraid to ask for help - Don't judge a book by it's front cover - Don't forget to value yourself

The session provided some brilliant food for thought for students across the school and college and we are very grateful for Baasit's visit!

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