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Motivational Talk from ex Newman Student - Noah Rees

Noah Rees, 22 (Newman Alumni) visited Newman College on Friday 11 November to do a motivational talk to the year 12 and 13 rugby students. It was an extremely powerful talk, and an incredible story from an incredible young man.

Noah had an accident 3 years ago on a night out and was left in a coma - during his A-level summer exams period - it was feared that initially he might not make it. He was then told that he would not walk or talk again.

Thankfully - as you can see from the photos - he is, as a shining inspiration to all of us and even targeting a place on the Paralympics next year.

During his talk, Noah spoke about being part of the Newman family and how we never forgot him. Noah now wants to make sure he never forgets Newman and has been helping with the coaching of our college rugby students, whilst undergoing physio for himself.

Noah Rees is just one student that makes us so proud to be Newman, but with a story like his, he really is a true inspiration.

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Nov 11, 2022

Amazing :) Thank you all!

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